The CLAS Administrative Leadership Team (ALT), meets nine-to-ten times per year to bring forth issues from departments and the college and university for discussion and problem solving, serves as a communication forum for best practices, provides an opportunity for training, and facilitates networking.

Individually we are the departmental and divisional administrators of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. We’re a diverse group of professional and scientific administrative generalists with varying levels of responsibilities based on the size and complexity of the units we lead. We have significant and wide-ranging expertise and experience in the specialized work of the departments we serve.

We also have much in common; each of us is the top level administrator for our unit. We are often the closest advisors to our departmental executive officers and liaisons between the departments and the college. We lead the staff, are responsible for the unit’s finances, facilities, and the support required to meet the university’s teaching, research, and service missions both here and across the state. In addition we oversee communication, marketing and recruitment, security, compliance, and ensure that assigned HR and shared services staff are contributing appropriately to departmental success.

Real utility players, we need to be ready at any given moment, to respond to an environmental emergency, stand in or approve requests on behalf of our departmental executive officers, or participate in accreditation, strategic or event planning or fundraising, all while we keep the unit functioning smoothly.