Terms for committee members begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

ALT Executive Committee

The Administrative Leadership Team (ALT) Executive Committee is composed of five members. Initial terms of membership will be one member at a one-year term, two members at a two-year term, and two members at a three-year term. Each new member joining thereafter will be on a staggered three-year term. The committee will meet at least twice a month on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month.


  • Plan and schedule monthly ALT meeting
  • Set meeting agenda in collaboration with ALT Training and Resource Committee and CLAS leadership
  • Serve as trusted feedback source
  • Partner with CLAS leadership to solve problems and address emerging issues
  • Promote communication within the larger CLAS community
  • Advocate on behalf of the ALT members
  • Maintain the ALT website and Administrative Task Calendar

Current Committee Membership:

  • Angie Bellew – Term ending 2026
  • Liz Cecil – Term ending 2025
  • Troy Fitzpatrick – Term ending 2025
  • Becky Kick – Term ending 2024
  • Lindsay Vella – Term ending 2026

CLAS Admin Training and Resource Committee

The charge of this committee is to meet at least monthly to gather, discuss, and develop educational resources for departmental administrators, to create efficiencies, and promote knowledge sharing.

Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Create and manage list of training goals for consideration by ALT
  • Archive shared documents for administrative use
  • Maintain the ALT ICON site, a platform to share information and projects
  • Provide connections between ALT, CLAS HR, and CLAS Finance related to process and/or policy implementation

The committee structure is three departmental administrators, one ex officio member, and three committee consultants, consulted with as needed.

Current Committee Membership:

  • Sarah Horgen – Term ending 2025
  • Barb Pooley – Term ending 2025
  • Ruthina Malone – Term ending 2026

Ex Officio Member: Rebecca Tritten

Committee Consultants:

  • Melia Pieper (CLAS HR)
  • Jeff Donoghue (CLAS Finance)
  • Tiffany Schier (CLAS Dean's Office)

ALT CLAS Staff Council Liaison

  • Rosie Ver Steegh – Term ending 2026